Saint John, New Brunswick (1994)

Celtic Cross
St. Mary’s Cemetery
Commissioned by: Saint John Chapter, Irish-Canadian Cultural Association of New Brunswick

Nineteenth century Saint John was / utterly transformed by the arrival / during the first half of that century / of tens of thousands of Irish immigrants / though many merely passed through. The / impact of the thousands who stayed and / put down roots in the community was / Profound

We remember and we celebrate the 15,000 / who lie buried here. Many of them nameless / and forgotten. Many of them once prominent / citizens but for the most part, ordinary men/ and women, with no particular claim to fame, / but whose offspring still comprise a major / portion of the population of modern day / Saint John

The enduring Irish presence in the city is a / testament to the courage and tenacity of the / immigrant generation and to the commitment / of their descendants to preserving their legacy

(Reverse) Erected July 1994 by the / Saint John Branch of the / Irish Canadian Cultural Association / on the occasion of the 10th anniversary / of its founding