Kingston, Ontario (2002)

Celtic Cross – Douglas R. Fluhrer Park
Created by Campbell Monuments, Belleville
Commissioned by: Kingston Irish Folk Club

Note: memorial commemorates Irish Rideau Canal workers; part of a group of local Irish and Famine memorials constructed at the same time.

Ulster / Munster / Leinster/ Connacht

In memory of / an estimated one / thousand Irish labourers and / their co-workers who died / of malaria and by accidents / in terrible working / conditions while building / the Rideau Canal / 1826-1832

Errected by the government of Ireland. / Kingston Irish folk club. Tir na nOG. / Kingston brewing co. City of Kingston. 2002

Ulaidh / Mumhain / Laighin / Connachta

D’Fhulaing Oibrithe na canala / rideau moineir brean. Fiabhras / maleireach easpa corais leighis do / na daoine a bhi faoi chois, tithe I bPoill. Easpa paighe