Saint John, New Brunswick (1967/1997)

(1967 monument rededicated in 1997, and additional memorial added)

Celtic Cross
York Point
Commissioned by: St. Patrick’s Society and the Saint John Chapter, Irish-Canadian Cultural Association of New Brunswick

Monument 1:
This celtic cross, erected in 1967 by / descendants of the Irish settlers, is a / half scale replica of a cross which stands / on Partridge Island in Saint John harbour.

A reproduction of the plaque / on the original cross is shown below /

This monument was errected in memory of / more than 2000 Irish immigrants who died / of typhus fever contracted on shipboard / during the voyage from Ireland in the / Famine year 1847, and of whom 600 were / buried in this island.

This cross also commemorates the devotion and / sacrifice of Dr. Patrick Collins, who, after / ministering to the victims of the disease, / himself contracted it and died / Designed and erected by / George McArthur 1927

Monument 2
(Front): The Great Irish Famine / 150th anniversary / commemoration / 1845-1847 / Unveiled June 18, 1997

(Reverse): Erected by the / St. Patrick’s Society / and / the Irish-Canadian Cultural / Association, Saint John / A project of Famine “150”