Cleveland, Ohio (2000)

Memorial to the Great Hunger
Heritage Park, Settlers’ Landing
Created by: Paula Blackman (sculptor), Eamon D’Arcy (carver)
Commissioned by: Cleveland Famine Memorial Committee

(Front): Irish Famine Memorial / Dedicated September 16, 2000

(Reverse): Cleveland Remembers / The Great Hunger / An Gorta Mor / Ireland’s Potato Famine 1845-50

This memorial commemorates the passing of / 150 years since the misery known as “The Great Hunger”. A carnage visited upon the Irish nation / diminishing her population by millions as a / result of imposed political and economic / structures, many of the Irish were driven to / the potato alone for survival. Consequently, /. Ireland’s people starved to death or were / forced to emigrate. Many dying on “Coffin / Ships” en route. This is one of the most / tragic and significant events in Irish history.

Lest we forget: / To those who died, / to those who came and enriched our / Cleveland shores / we dedicate this monument to you.

Erected on the anniversary of the ‘Great Hunger’ / by the Greater Cleveland Irish Community in the year of / our Lord 2000

(Ground plaque): The Irish Famine time capsule / containing memories, message and / milestones, placed beneath this marker, / is to be opened on September 16, 2050