Battery Park City, New York (2002)

Irish Hunger Memorial
Artist: Brian Tolle; Architects: 1100 Architects
Commissioned by: Battery Park City Authority


Irish Hunger Memorial / July 16, 2002 / ‘We do not live to extenuate the memories of the past / nor to accept as incurable those of the present.’

George E. Pataki / Governor, State of New York
Michael Bloomberg / Mayor, City of New York
Hugh L. Carey / Battery Park City Authority
James F. Gill / Chairman
Charles J. Urstadt / Vice Chairman
David B. Cornstein / Member
Timothy S. Cary / President & Chief Executive Officer

Brian Tolle / Artist

[Text wrapping around monument is extensive (reputedly 2 miles of text, with 110 quotations), and designed to be altered over time. Sample: ‘Hunger does not breed reform, it breeds madness and all the angry distempers that make an ordered life impossible, Woodrow Wilson, 1918’]