Melbourne, Victoria (1998)

Melbourne Famine Monument ‘Famine Rock’
Williamstown, Victoria
Commissioned by: Melbourne Irish Famine 150th Commemoration Committee

Plaque 1:
In memory of / one million people who died in Ireland / during the Great Hunger of 1845-52. / In praise of / tens of thousands of dispossessed Irish / who sailed to Hobson’s Bay to build a new life. / In sorrow for the dispossession / of the Bunurong and Woiworung people / but in a spirit of reconciliation. / In solidarity with all those / who suffer hunger today.

Irish inscription encircling main text:
Ní hé Dia a cheap riamh an obair seo
Daoine bochta chur le fuacht is fán
Máire Ní Dhroma [note: Lines from Máire Ní Dhroma (mid 19th. Century Irish language poet/singer) taken from ‘Na Prátaí Dubha’ (‘The Black Potatoes’).]

Plaque 2:
Erected by public subscription and / unveiled on 6 December 1998 by / His Excellency, Richard O’Brien, / Ambassador of Ireland, in the presence / of Councillor Brad Matheson, Mayor, / on the 150th anniversary of the arrival / in Hobson’s Bay of 191 Irish orphan / girls on the Lady Kennaway./ -Melbourne Irish Famine Commemoration Group